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Hardy Amies Website

Posted by Geoff Cowan | 19th September 2010

Hardy Amies Website

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On the 20th September 2010 we completed our latest prize project with the launch of Hardy Amies.  This is a Savile Row fashion house which has undergone an extraordinary rebirth.  We won the contract to build a website designed by Chris Skinner, whose work has to be seen to be believed.  The challenge for us was not only to complete the build in the short month before London Fashion Week, but to overcome the technical challenges that the designer was setting our build team.

Hardy Amies new site is built using the very latest in web technology to ensure that fullest experience of this heavily animated and detailed design can be viewed on the widest range of platforms, including iPads & Smartphones, whilst ensuring that those on older browsers and traditional PCs could still enjoy the site. We believe that the final result puts the Hardy Amies site into award winning categories for any fashion house worldwide.

We’ve again chosen the ExpressionEngine platform for this project.  It allows Hardy Amies staff to maintain the content, and to moderate comments on what we are sure will be a very popular blog and is built for multiple languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese as well as English!

Our thanks, appreciation and acknowledgement to all of the team involved, particularly Andy White for his sterling front-end development work, Carl Crawley for his work wrangling the ExpressionEngine backend into shape, Mike Carter for his invaluable work getting our animations into working order and Chris Skinner for the stunning original design work and breathtaking animations.

It has been a delight to work with the hugely profession team at Hardy Amies and we hope that we can grow with their guaranteed success!  Take a look at the site itself if you need any convincing.

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